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Miller-Motte Technical College’s CDL Training: Class A Tractor Trailer program in Madison, TN will give you the foundation you need to begin your career as a Commercial Truck Driver.

When you imagine your future, what do you see?

Truck driving is one of America’s fastest-growing, most stable careers* so there’s never been a better time to earn your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and begin your career as a professional Commercial Truck Driver. Miller-Motte’s CDL Training: Class A Tractor Trailer Program will prepare prospective drivers for their CDL exam as well as an on-the-road career.

We offer a comprehensive four-week program, with one week of in-class instruction followed by three weeks of hands-on training behind the wheel of actual tractor trailers. All of our equipment is top of the line, offering students the chance to learn the skills necessary to work as a certified Commercial Truck Driver.

Wondering how to pay for training?

CDL training is an investment that will have a big payoff, in a short period of time.

Our Education Consultants are here to help you understand your payment options and make CDL training school affordable for you. Below are some of the options and our Education Consultants will help you find something that works for you*:

Personal Financing

We accept any combination of credit card or personal loans – whatever is most comfortable for you.

Employer Reimbursements

Your employer may offer tuition reimbursement where you will be compensated for school costs based on certain criteria. Typically, this means you cover costs up-front and the company pays you back later. Ask your HR Department or your Supervisor for details.

Company Sponsorships

National and regional transportation companies needing more employees will often sponsor training for current employees.  Ask your current company (if it makes sense for you), or we may be able to connect you with an employer who could help pay for training. 

Grants & Aid

Some government agencies and non-profit organizations offer financial aid for CDL training. Eligibility is determined on an individual basis, and American Job Centers offers help to access programs such as:

  • The Workforce Investment Act (WIA): Funding available for employment and training assistance
  • Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR): Funding for those who have been injured or suffer other physical or learning disabilities
  • The Trade Adjustment Act (TAA): Funding for those whose jobs have been moved overseas

The GI Bill

If certain qualifications are met, the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill provide military members with federal funding for CDL training programs. These aren’t loans, so you won’t need to pay anything back and up to 36 months of financial assistance is provided. Ask if you and your preferred location qualify.

In-House Funding

Some CDL.com partner school locations offer payment plans for students. An Education Consultant can tell if this option is available at your preferred location, as well as help you figure out if you qualify.  

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To request an Academic Transcript from Miller-Motte, please click here

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Career education requires work and commitment and the results last a lifetime.  So if you live in the Nashville, Madison, Gallatin, Ashland or surrounding areas, contact Miller-Motte Technical College today by calling 800.705.9182 or contact us online for more information.

* Payment options and eligibilities vary by location.

This school is regulated as a commercial motor carrier by the US DOT and THEC.  It takes fewer than 300 hours to complete this program; therefore it is not within the scope of ACICS Accreditation and is not eligible for Title IV funding.